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What is an Economic Development Authority (EDA)?

Welcome to the Economic Development Newsletter! Read on to learn what an EDA is, what we accomplished last year, and what to expect in the future from this newsletter.

Cities have many boards, some that may sound more familiar to you than others:

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Airport Commission
  • Budget Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Economic Development Authority (EDA)

The City Council is composed of elected officials that make final decisions on behalf of the City of St. James. The other boards of the City are composed of two Council members and community members appointed by the Mayor.

  • The St. James EDA is a 7 person board. Current Members are:
    Pete Eggen, Chair
  • Paul Harris, Vice Chair, Council Member
  • Ray Hahnfeldt, Council Member
  • David Krause
  • Myron Johnson
  • Rich Olsen
  • Jake Wegner

The Economic Development Authority has the ability to buy and sell property, offer tax incentives for business and housing development, manage revolving loan funds, work on Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E), collaborate in marketing the community, etc. The overall goals of the EDA are to create high quality job growth, expand the tax base, and improve quality of life in the community.

Annual Report

For better understanding see the 2016 Annual Report below, which goes in depth on:

  • Building and Land Assets
  • Business Resources
  • Build the Future Initiative
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Quality of Life projects
  • Partnerships

Future Newsletters

This newsletter will be sent at least once a month. Upcoming topics include:

  • Build the Future Initiative and projects
  • St. James Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and projects
  • St. James Water Sports Project
  • “Discover St. James” website unveiling
  • Energy savings programs and rebates

…and other projects and resources as they arise.

Have a great week!

Jamie Scheffer
EDA Director

Highway 4 Reconstruction

Have you signed up to receive notifications for the Highway 4 reconstruction project? Construction is set to begin around April 3rd.

VIDEO: Mini Roundabouts and Back-in Angle Parking coming soon to St. James

St James Highway 4 Reconstruction
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