Hot Dog! It’s hot dog days! 🌭

What is that mouth-watering aroma coming from 1st Ave? That is the smell of hot dogs of all types and flavors supporting all causes.

Just look at this list of non-profits that will be there on Saturday, May 20th from 11am -1pm, dishing up your favorite frankfurter.

St. James Lions Club

St. James Opera House Restoration Project

Meadowlark Prairies Outdoor Lab

Convivencia Hispana

St. James Senior Dining and MOW

Augustana Lutheran Youth

Youth for Christ


Whether you call it a hot dog, weiner, red hot, or a frank this will be the perfect way to grab lunch while you’re downtown doing some weekend shopping. 

Come satisfy the craving you didn’t even know you had at St. James Hot Dog Days 2023. And not to worry, if it rains on Saturday, they will be there on Sunday, the 21st! 





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